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As industries are growing, Demand for drones and their related services is increasing exponentiall.To fullfill the gap between Demand and supply New Player should enter into this field but due to entiry barriers like lack of knowlage,guidance and huge learning cost,Its difficult for new player to learn and earn. To Solve this issue we are here to help you out with our affordable Drone Course ,which you can access anyware in the world.


  • On 22 August 1849, the Austrians used UAV for the first time and attacked Venice using unmanned Balloons loaded with explosives.

  • During the Battle of Neuve Chapelle, the Aerial imagery was used by the British Military to capture about 15,000 sky view maps of the German trench fortifications in the region.

  • British made DH82B ( Queen Bee ). An RC derivative of the De Haviland Tiger Moth Biplane is said to have led to the use of Drone for pilotless remotely operated aircraft due to the reference of a drone bee.

  • Also due to the buzzing sound they produce The Hewitt Sperry automatic plane(controlled by gyroscopes) demonstrated the concept of unmanned arial aircraft. The forerunner of todays cruise missiles. ( Most autopilots known today are based on the Sperry Gyros developed by Elmer Sperry )

  • Abraham Karem generally regarded as the father of drones known for the worlds most feared UCAV, The Predator.